The latest on the snow and weather in southeast Australia

Latest Weather Commentary

What to expect for the rest of the year - Is an El Nino coming? - What about the IOD?

To get rainfall we have to have two things work together. We need moisture and instability.

Instability comes from low pressure, and we can't really tell what is going to happen more than a week ahead of time. We can have some idea about moisure though, based on what the oceans around Australia are doing. 

So, here is a guide to what moisture sources we will have for the rest of 2014 - but remember, we have to get that moisture down to Victoria and run it into low pressure, in order to get rain.

Latest Snow Forecast

Alpine snow returns from Wednesday. It should snow for the rest of the week and across the weekend (heaviest Wednesday and Thursday)
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A low pressure system is slowly moving across Victoria. There is light rain ahead of the low, then widespread showers once it has moved east of alpine areas on Tuesday. This whole system is too warm for snow.

Snow is on the way though!