The latest on the snow and weather in southeast Australia

Snow Forecast

Warm sunshine will give way to some snow. 10 to 20 cm on Sunday and Monday. Dry weather returns BUT there is a sign of a change in our weather patterns on the horizon...

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A high pressure system is centred to our southeast, directing warmer air over the alps and bringing sunshine.

A cold front is sliding southwards across the Bight, but the trough in behind it will move eastwards, forming a cut-off low south of Adelaide early on Saturday. This low will wander across southern Victoria and southeastern New South Wales, before bringing more drenching rain to the east coast.

The air pressure is quite high (limiting precipitation) but there is a cut-off low (encouraging precipitation) - and it is all driven by an upper cold pool (encouraging snow). We will see a band of precipitation out ahead of the low (Sunday), then showers wrapping around (Monday). This should result in 10 to 20 cm of snow - above 1600 metres on Sunday, and 1500 metres on Monday

There may be showers left over in New South Wales alpine areas on Tuesday, but it turns dry for Victoria. The cold pool moves northeastwards and the high remains to our southeast. 



Likely Snow

Rest of Friday

Mostly sunny

Dry and mostly sunny.

Light winds.

Snowmaking potential? High overnight

1800m - 0cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Partly cloudy

A mix of sunshine and areas of cloud. Dry.

Light winds.

Snowmaking potential? High overnight

1800m - 0cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Rain / Snow

Rain spreading eastwards, falling as snow above 1600 metres.

N winds.

Snowmaking potential? Low

1800m - 5-10cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm


Snow showers

Snow showers (above 1500 metres).

Variable winds.

Snowmaking potential? High

1800m - 5-10cm

1500m - 1cm

1200m - 0cm


Partly cloudy

Dry and partly cloudy in Victoria. The chance of showers in NSW.

E winds.

Snowmaking potential? Low

1800m - 0cm

1500m - 0cm

1200m - 0cm



High pressure will remain to our southeast, encouraging dry weather and warm air over alpine areas. The deluge continues on the east coast, but the high should stop any of that affecting alpine areas. There is the slight chance of a shower, but that is it. 

Now, it is a long way away, but there is a sign of a change in our weather pattern. This image is the EC model on Sunday 31st August:

EC Model


High pressure no longer dominates - and the strongest there is is finally back to our west, nice and south of Australia. There is a strong cold front, driven by a low pressure system, that may be able to break through the weak ridge of high pressure over the continent and deliver us proper snow!


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